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Week of the Young Child—Music Monday

WotYC 2018 FB header

This week we’re pleased participate in the Week of the Young Child. Organized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration of early learning, young children, their families, and teachers—and that includes the expert staff at Madison Children’s Museum! They make sure that our exhibits and programs meet the highest standards for educational and developmentally appropriate play and learning.

Follow our blog this week to learn about the key themes that are being highlighted during the 2018 Week of the Young Child, and how you can take advantage of our resources and programs for your early learner.

Lily-Pad Theater at Madison Children's Museum

Music Monday

Listening to and playing music is a joyful act of childhood and connects us to our family and our community. There is a reason that singing to children has become an essential part of early learning curriculum. Children learn language and concepts particularly well through singing because music stretches out the sounds, making it easier for them to detect words and their meanings. Music also helps kids with literacy and math skills as they learn rhythm and beats.

At Madison Children’s Museum, we learn through music during weekly programs like Music with Junebug and Lily-pad Theater. You can also try out making your own rhythm with the drums or shakers in the Wildernest.

Music with Junebug

Junko greets a new arrival during Music with Junebug, held at the museum on Wednesdays.

Week of the Young Child coincides with our Access for Everyone campaign. Please consider making a gift to help us provide these benefits to all children within our community.


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