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Farewell Funkyard Sale


Our space is evolving. What is now called the “back yard” at Madison Children’s Museum started life here as a parking lot. When the space ceased to be functional as a parking lot, we transformed it into the Funkyard.

Over one hundred thousand people have enjoyed playing in this unique playground over the last two years. Now the Funkyard is closed, to be sold and taken to new homes.

Items, quantities and prices are listed on our Facebook page. 

This May, the back yard will reopen in a different form, featuring a fanciful bridge to transport visitors from the museum to the Log Cabin.

Over the next few years, we will continue to experiment with different approaches to using this valuable, centrally located space for healthy outdoor play and learning.

Some years down the line, we envision a grand playscape that will showcase our community’s commitment to kids and play.

Items go on sale Tuesday, November 24. Most items are viewable on our lot without an appointment. Call 6083540149 for further details. Sale ends Saturday, November 28 at 5 p.m.


Delivery is available from University Towing Service. Deliveries cost $30 per item (Dancing Stage is $90). Deliveries must be within 20 miles of Madison Children’s Museum. Delivery will be arranged directly through the University Towing Service. Items can be delivered on November 30, December 1 or December 2.


All goods in this sale are sold as is and are not warrantied in any manner or for any length of time. The wooden structures should be considered as art and not viable playground equipment or furniture. Items that were safe for children to play around when they were installed in the Funkyard exhibit may not be safe in your own backyard. The Funkyard was monitored by paid staff during open hours and exhibits staff were attentive to maintenance and repairs throughout. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that these items will remain safe to use once they leave our property. Though items such as cable spools should make fairly sturdy tables the museum does not warranty them as such. Larger items will likely require disassembly and reassembly. The museum can provide photos of what they looked like before they were taken apart, but cannot provide instructions or help in reassembling. The Dancing Stage and Castle with Dog House Entrance will be dissembled by museum staff before purchase.


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This entry was posted on November 24, 2015 by in Art Studio, Exhibits, Museum Happenings.

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