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1,000,000th Visitor About to Enter MCM this weekend

By Jonathan Zarov
Marketing Director

Madison Children’s Museum is poised to serve our millionth visitor since opening our doors at 100 N. Hamilton St. over four years ago. Big prizes and hoopla await the lucky millionth visitor, who we estimate will enter the building between noon on Saturday and noon on Sunday this weekend. Museum staff are carefully watching attendance numbers, which are about 2,000 shy of the million mark as of late Friday afternoon.

The main prize for the lucky millionth visitor is a million-hour membership, which is good for 114 years. The Family Membership for four will be valid immediately and will expire in April of 2129. All Family Memberships are currently good for free or discounted reciprocoal admission benefits at a number of children’s museums and science centers across the country.

Should that program expand to any other planets, such as Jupiter or Mars, the reciprocal member benefits will be available as institutions on those planets allow. If Madison Children’s Museum opens an airborne flying car “parking lot,” the bearer of this membership will be granted discounted parking therein. This membership is transferrable to the winner’s direct lineage descendants.* We reserve the right to refuse admission to fantastical–but nevertheless extremely dangerous–beings such as dragons, even if they should somehow manage to prove themselves, in some as yet unimaginable circumstance, as direct lineage descendants of the winner.

For up-to-the-hour attendance numbers and timing of the museum’s millionth visitor, follow MCM on twitter: @PlayAtMCM. We’ll start posting  updates at 11 p.m. Friday night, after the Sustainability Sideshow. The museum opens at 9:30 a.m on Saturday and Sunday: updates will be posted beginning at 10 a.m. and on the hour until 5 p.m. both days.

In addition to the million hour membership, the lucky winner will be awarded a museum t-shirt, and a copy of Good Day Book, a book about penguins, and one lunch per year in the Sparkler, the museum’s in-house cafe, run by The Roman Candle–for as long as the Sparkler remains in the museum.

Confetti and music will mark the awarding of a giant cardboard membership card… like you do.

The first visitor attended the current location in August, 2010, when the museum opened its doors at 100 N. Hamilton Street. Madison Children’s Museum, as an organization, is 35 years old.

*On the off chance that the museum ceases to do business before 2129, this offer is null and void at that point.


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