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Greetings from Nepal!

By Zach Garcia
Former MCM Program Assistant


The contents of this piece are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

Hello museum guests and museum staff!

I hope you’re all learning new things on the beautiful Rooftop Ramble during this winter season, baking felt goods in Possible-opolis, making recycled creations in the Art Studio, traveling to the past in the Log Cabin, and singing and dancing down in the Wildernest!

Madison Children’s Museum is a place where learning never ends; I know I learned a lot while I was working there from visitors and staff. I left the museum this past summer to join the Peace Corps to learn more about this world.

I was placed in Nepal as a Food Security Volunteer. As many of you may remember, I was the bug chef at the museum. I became extremely passionate about how we value food and the necessity of having easy access to food. In Nepal, I won’t be making any insect dishes just yet. For right now, I am living in a village in the Western region of Nepal with a Nepali family.

I don’t want to bog down my work as a Peace Corps Volunteer, because I just arrived in this community not too long ago and my work right now is to learn about the community. For this piece, I would like to feature my little brother, Manahang. He’s six years old.

I think for the kids who visit the museum, this post would be a fun way to share Nepali culture and American culture. So far, this is what I’ve complied about my brother and friend, Manahang for the kids in Madison. He added a few questions about America and sentences about himself as well. If you have any questions for Manahang or me, please feel free to comment and we will do our best in replying to your questions as soon as possible.

Permission was granted from Manahangs’ guardians to feature him for this blog.


He wanted to spell E-G-G for the readers. Also, F-R-O-G.

In America, do cats eat mice?
In America, is it cold?
In America, is it fun?
In America, are there goats?
In America, are there elephants?
In America, are there horses?
In America, do you eat pizza?
In America, are there ghosts?
In America, are there snakes?
In America, are there hippos?
In America, what games are played?
Are there pings in America? (Ping:Nepali swing – it’s a huge swing.)


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