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Earth Day Love at Madison Children’s Museum

Not only is Madison Children’s Museum located in the heart of downtown Madison, the museum itself was created with a lot of area heart. During construction, museum organizers focused on being local and sustainable, including working with area architects, designers, artists, and fabricators. The result is a beautifully revamped 1929 building upgraded using green and regionally reclaimed materials. Filled with floors of exhibits children love, MCM is a working example of how to better care for our planet–on Earth Day and every day!

Urb Garden Greenery


The museum’s newest outdoor exhibit inspires visitors to grow their own food at home, whether in a large sunny yard or a tiny shaded windowsill. This green utopia is the perfect place for children to first dig into vertical gardening, aquaponics, and more planet-friendly growing.


Rooftop Solar Power


On top of the rooftop Clubhouse, solar panels donated by Madison Gas & Electric turn sunlight into energy. A working solar oven and a chicken exhibit that visually measures collected energy each give kids a hand-on way to check out how the power of the sun can be turned into useful electrical currents.


Kids Who Compost


Madison Children’s Museum is a test site for the City of Madison’s pilot compost program, designed to keep waste out of local landfills. Here, visitors can compost all kinds of materials, from garden scraps to paper waste—even diapers—and learn how easy it is to compost at home.


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This entry was posted on April 22, 2014 by in Museum Happenings, Rooftop, Urb Gardening.

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