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Make Soap with Home-Grown Herbs!

Try making homemade soap with your rosemary and mint you grew in your own urban garden! Now, you may be telling yourself that you aren’t creative enough to pull this off, or that making soap is silly when you can just go to the store and buy some, but here’s a few good reason to trust us and just do it.

1. This blog helps you learn how to make homemade soap so now you have no excuses not to make some. Gotcha!

2. Kids get bored easily. I remember literally laying on my floor as a child whining about having nothing to do. Making soap with your children will not only keep them busy, but will help them learn a whole new skill. Who knows, maybe your child will discover she/he has an incredible soap making talent and grow up to be the world’s best soap maker!

3. If your kids helped you plant your urb garden or even water it every weekend, they’ll really enjoy creating something out of the plants they helped tend to. This can be a good lesson for them.

4. Homemade stuff is usually much healthier for bodies and better for the environment. So double hi-five for you!

5. You’ll feel really accomplished after you’re done and be reminded about your success every time you use your soap.

So, stop reading and go have fun!


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This entry was posted on June 29, 2013 by in Things to Do at Home, Urb Gardening.

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