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A Garden Blog We Love

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re all about urban gardening this summer here at MCM. Because we’re gearing up for the new Urb Garden Exhibit coming soon, we’ve been trying our best to get you guys pumped about gardening, too! In order to keep sharing and learning, we want to feature great garden blogs this summer.

This month’s Blog We Love is called Garden Variety Adventures, written by former Wisconsinite Disa. She shares great stories about her garden and has a lot of really neat photos!

Here’s a little snippet from her blog: 

“I was making curry for dinner. I had been looking forwards to it all week, because I knew that it called for fresh basil, and instead of buying it from the grocery store, I was going to use my very own, home-grown stuff. It felt like a milestone, the first time getting an ingredient from the back yard instead of out of a plastic-wrapped styrofoam container.

It also seems so fitting that the first thing we harvested was basil. My Dad is a basil farmer, and for as long as I can remember, summers with him have revolved around basil. If you hug my Dad between the beginning of June and the beginning of September (or later, if it doesn’t frost), you’ll smell basil, even if he hasn’t been to the field that day. The first solid food I ever ate (or so the story goes) was sweet basil pesto. Yesterday, as I stood there grinning and holding those first stalks of basil, I felt very much my like father’s daughter.”

Make sure to check out her blog! Let us know if you are blogging about your home garden, we would love to feature you on here!


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This entry was posted on June 25, 2013 by in Blogs We Love.

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