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‘What do you do on the Rooftop Ramble in the winter?’

As Rooftop Ramble coordinator, this is a question I often answer. The short answer is “a lot!” We have many animals that call the rooftop home. Families can see them anytime they visit the rooftop, no matter what the weather. The rooftop menagerie includes six hens, 14 homing pigeons, six mice, two snakes, three turtles, one tree frog, and various native Wisconsin fish. 

Our chickens live in their rooftop coop all winter. Last winter each of our six chickens continued to lay one egg per day. Our chickens are hardy, northern breeds that do well in cold weather: Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, and Dominique. They seem to enjoy the cold weather much more than those hot, humid summer days! 

We grow grasses for our chickens in our greenhouse all winter so they continue to get fresh, green treats throughout the year. We also sprout seeds and grains for our ladies and prepare healthy winter chicken treats that include garlic, grapeseed oil, and cracked corn. These foods keep them healthy and warm all winter.

Visit the Rooftop Ramble all winter for many cold-weather surprises. Take a look at our web calendar to view our drop-in programs and other upcoming events. You might even come up one day to discover an igloo and an ice skating rink! 

See you on the rooftop!

– Julie King, Rooftop Ramble Coordinator

Photo cutlines, from top: Bernice and Rosaline take a stroll through the woodland tunnel; Poachie takes a bath during the July heat wave; and Cheddar gets a tasty treat.

View real-time solar and weather data from the Rooftop Ramble by scrolling down to MCM on this page.


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This entry was posted on December 14, 2011 by in Exhibits, Rooftop.

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