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New Hotel Opens on Museum Roof — For Insects!

In Downtown Madison, the planning of a new hotel can be fraught with controversy and lengthy negotiations between the city and private builders. The issues can take years to resolve … Continue reading

September 18, 2018 · Leave a comment

Building a Structure for Unstructured Play – Exhibit Design at Madison Children’s Museum

The first hint of fall is in the air, and for many families, schedules are shifting back to routines that include work, school, and often an array of extracurricular activities … Continue reading

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Polling Place Exhibit 2018: Kids Vote for New Theme Days at Madison Children’s Museum

The historic election of 2016—it was a shining example of thoughtful, reasoned democracy in action… here at Madison Children’s Museum. Certainly, you remember where you were Tuesday, November 8, when … Continue reading

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Art Opening at the Museum: Stories as Organisms

On Wednesday, August 1, Madison Children’s Museum opens a new exhibition of artwork created through a collaboration with kids at the museum and local artist Jennika Bastian. Stories as Organisms consists … Continue reading

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American Girl Benefit Sale 2018— Sunday Markdown Sale Prices & Limits List

The price list is here for the Sunday American Girl Benefit Sale Markdown Sale!   This sale features more inventory than we have seen in a decade, with dolls, accessories, … Continue reading

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American Girl Benefit Sale – Live Updates!

Watch this space for LIVE updates from the 2018 American Girl Benefit Sale on Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22. (P.S. Mark your calendars — July 20-21, 2019!!!) The … Continue reading

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American Girl Benefit Sale 2018— Saturday Price List

The price list is here the Saturday American Girl Benefit Sale!  The list indicates a selection of prices and limits for the dolls and accessories that we have the largest stock available for the 2018 sale. There are many more items for sale, including dolls, accessories, clothing, and books, which are not listed here. Their prices and limits will be as-marked in the sale warehouse.

July 18, 2018 · 2 Comments

The Importance of a Shoe Box

By Joyce Hemphill (Queen of Play) Way back when I was entering the job market I interviewed for a company that designed and tested the promotional items, or prizes, included … Continue reading

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Week of the Young Child—Family Friday

Family plays a crucial role in children’s social and emotional development. Family relationships are the foundation for all other relationships; they teach children about security and how to experience the … Continue reading

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Week of the Young Child—Artsy Thursday

According to Laurie Rossbach, arts education manager at Madison Children’s Museum, “art is a perfect way for children to explore the world.” Drawing, painting, and sculpting with clay help to … Continue reading

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Week of the Young Child—Work Together Wednesday

Collaborating during work or play teaches children about self-awareness, self-management, decision making, and a variety of other important social skills. According to Heather Davis, the museum’s early learning manager, “Being … Continue reading

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Week of the Young Child–Tasty Tuesday

Children process information through all of their senses. Tasting new and different foods exposes children to a variety of experiences, and sets them up for a lifetime of adventurous and … Continue reading

April 17, 2018 · Leave a comment

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